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Making a dreamcatcher of your own is as inventive as it is immersive.  Get into your creative zone as you select the beads, feathers and embellishments that appeal to you. is a great place to purchase all the components for your ideal dreamcatcher.  Shop online to easily find all that you need.  A handy method for selecting your materials is not to over-think it – just pick those embellishments that resonate most with you immediately.  You know that ‘click-like’ feeling that just ‘knows’ what you like, before analysis starts to complicate things.  Try this technique for yourself.  These feathers. These beads. These colours.  Note down your choices, and you can take a longer approach to selecting later, if you still need to.  It’s rewarding to have a totally unique dreamcatcher made with your own hands which is then used to catch your totally unique dreams. Or those of your friends and family, if you are making personalised gifts for others. Obtaining your materials from is the easy first step of the process of creating your dreamcatcher.  Your imagination and the meditative process of creating it are sure to yield something special.



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