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We have a wide range of feather fans that are suitable for all occassions, Lace Plastic or Bamboo Wooden Stave, The stunning and beautiful ostrich fans are all handcrafted here at available in numerous colour tonings, if you cannot see your style, email and discuss your requirement, we just might be able to help design the perfect fan you are looking for.

Many styles available. there are more pictures inside the listing for handmade ostrich

Dainty Ostrich Showgirl



Largest in-stock range of feathers & Embellishment Provider in Australia

  • Milliners
  • Show Girls & Dancers
  • Brides & Wedding Planners
  • Fashion Designers & Jewelers
  • Fly Fishermen
  • Florists

Can’t see what you’re looking for? We will track it down for you! We pride ourselves on the best customer service in Australia and offer various shipment options including safe international shipping.

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