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Traditionally, when people think of fly tying, they think feathers. Many of the more recognizable artificial fly patterns of the past – heavily dressed, and fancy Atlantic salmon flies – prominently boast the unmistakable look of feathers, and it’s no mistake to think the feather is the heart of the fly. Feathers of all kinds are used in the construction of a fly. They can make a perfect tail, imitate wings, realistically mimic the articulation and movement of an insect’s legs, and a stripped quill or turkey biot can even provide the foundational shape for a fly’s thorax and abdomen. Because feathers can create virtually all the components of a fly, there is an accordingly wide world of feathers available to fly tyers.

Please note : when purchasing the cock or hen skins, there is 1 only of each style - do not purchase 2 or more of the same style




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