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Turkey Wing Quill Pens

Turkey feather quill pens, traditional fixed school nib bound with leather binding

Handcrafted by no two ever the same, natural product Quill feathers especially the long wing feathers of chickens, geese, turkeys, hawks, eagles, and swans - were common, everyday writing tools from the Medieval era through the beginning of the Industrial Age, when they were gradually replaced by more durable metal pen nibs, and then by fountain pens, ballpoint pens, and rollerball pens. Many people who work in traditional magical paths still prefer to use old-fashioned feather quill pens for writing out wishes, petitions, prayers, spells, and pacts, and for drawing occult and spiritual talismans. In African-American hoodoo rootwork, where colour symbolism is quite meaningful, feather quill pens are generally given symbolic colours.

WHITE Bleached white quills are for use in writing out healing and blessing wishes, for protection spells, and for sanctifying new ventures. GREEN Quills dyed bright green are for writing out money spells and gambling luck spells. RED Quills dyed i

ntense red are for love spells

BLACK black is for protection and repelling negativity

Size approx 350mm

Priced per pen




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