DIY Hanging Floral Hoop

Hanging floral arrangements are appearing at weddings and bridal showers everywhere. I have come across countless events with beautiful bright flowers or greenery in varying arrangements hanging from ceilings, high on walls and even trees. And I can understand why.

Extending your decorating to above ground level, opens up a whole new opportunity to add colour and whimsy to your wedding day celebrations. The best thing? Creating your own hanging arrangement isn't as difficult as you might imagine.

When imagining this arrangement at your wedding, don't be limited by size or number. Imagine how beautiful these flower filled hoops would look in various sizes


  1. One 9" metal hoop
  2. One Dusty miller leaf spay
  3. One Fittonia leaf spray
  4. Two Anemone Flower Stems
  5. One White grosgrain ribbon 
  6. One Glue Gun 

Step 1: Cut the greenery and place along the hoop to get an idea of where you want them to be placed

Step 2: Glue each piece along in the correct position layering them on top of each other.

Step 3: Tie the ribbon to the top and you're done!