The 5 Minute Wreath.

Do you ever thought, "I wish I had time to make a wreath."  Well, we have solved the problem - The 5 Minute Wreath.  The hardest part about this beautiful wreath is waiting for your goodies to arrive!

 Materials: You only need five things for this design

  1. Natural Thick Grapevine Wreath Hoop 8"
  2. White Lace Ribbon per metre - Style 17
  3. Artificial Greenery Leaf Stem Style 4
  4. Artificial Fabric Lavender Light Purple Flower Bunch

 Step 1: Cut the wire or wrapping holding the bouquet together with wire cutters and sort the bouquet into pairs of similar stems.

Step 3: Clip any stems that stick out from the wreath with wire cutters.

Continue repeating Steps 2 & 3 until you have used all the flowers or you are happy with how it looks.

Step 4: Use the lace to cover the stems. Simply tie a knot at the base of the wreath and cut the lace.

That's it!  Only 5 minutes and you have a gorgeous wreath for your home.