DIY Juju Hats - Home Decoration
Here at feather we are constantly asked how to make Juju hats. Juju hats are becoming increasingly popular for home decoration and are extremely easy to make.
Things you’ll need:
1 piece of thick cardboard 
Stapler, pencil, stanley knife/scissors
Hot glue gun - shop here
3 x metres of Coque Strung Feathers shop here,  i chose white feathers & they are 130mm-180mm long}
    This is what the feathers look like when they are strung together. They are very soft and fragile so you do need to be careful with them.
    Of course you need to make a circle so I found a platter plate what the perfect size! It was 40cm in diameter. The finished size will be about 65cm. The retail shops sell the African Juju Hats in multiple sizes and the 70cm ones are roughly $650 to purchase.
    Then we cut around the circle and created a little dip in the shape. So cut a line to the centre, fold it over and staple it together like the photo above.
    Start glueing the outer row of feathers all the way around. Then I did a second row (about 4-5 cm in from the first row). I then did a very small 3rd row. I had NO feathers left at all, so if you’re following my exact measurements you need to be careful you don’t run out! Order a little extra if you’re not confident.
    I found random feathers all over the kitchen because it was so fragile and bits were flying everywhere! I gathered them up and got out the craft glue (not the hot glue gun as it’s HOT and you can’t stick your fingers in the glue to manipulate the position of the feathers) and I started placing them in any gaps I could see.
    And here she is!!
    {Source Katrina Chambers}