Make Your Own Flower Crown

Flower crowns for weddings are really popular right now. But these pretty creations can also be used for anything from your bridal shower, to your engagement party or even your rehearsal dinner…and more. The possibilities are endless!

What You Will Need

A bunch of artificial flowers

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Garlands or floral wire
Floral tape - shop here
Ribbon or raffia of choice
Wire cutters


Gather your artificial flowers and cut them leaving about an inch of stems to secure them to your crown base. FYI, try to pick artificial flowers with smaller, thinner stems as opposed to ones with thick stems as thicker stems will make assembling your crown a bit more difficult.


Measure the size of your head, (or the head of the person who will be wearing the flower crown), by taking the vine covered wire and making a circle around your head where you want the crown to fit. Once you have the right size, give it an extra inch before cutting so you can wrap the ends together and still have the crown fit.


Cut another piece of wire about 1 1/2 to 2 times the size of the base and connect it to the base at where the back of the crown will be.


As noted in the image above, you’re going to take the second wire and wrap it around, up and through and repeat around the base wire so it eventually looks like the image below. Once you make it around to the back where you started, secure the second wire as you did the beginning and cut it so it looks as neat as possible.

This second wire is used to help you secure the stems of the flowers to your crown base before you tape them. If you think it would be easier to omit the second wire and tape your stems directly to your base, that would work as well. There really is no absolute instructions here. Whatever works for you is the best idea.


Choose your flowers and have an idea how you want to arrange them. I chose to use some big flowers, some medium sized ones and some small in shades of cream and green and blue, cream and green for my second crown.

Start arranging your flowers on your crown however you like. Tape each flower with some floral tape as you go. The inside is not going to look pretty until you wrap it with ribbon, so do worry about it until you get to that point.


The flower crown is your design so you can do as many flowers or as few as you like. For mine, the blue, cream and green one I made I only wrapped flowers about half way around the crown. Then I wrapped a brown ribbon around the wire and tape to cover the unsightly inside.

For the cream and green crown, I placed flowers all the way around and used a cream ribbon on the inside. Wrap the ribbon however you like, there’s no right or wrong.

{Source Fabyoubliss