Turkey Wing Quill Feather x 5 pcs - Aqua

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The Turkey wing feather is a splendid feather for making arrows, stripping and cutting into desired shapes. 

The width of these feathers make them an artist favourite for painting or drawing on. The feather is approx 5cm-8cm wide. The stiffness of the quill makes it a perfect feather for quill pens. 

These feathers can be used in a wide variety of projects ranging from Millinery, Fly Fishing, Costumes to Couture, Jewellery, Mardi Gras, Masquerade Masks, Feather Headdresses and more. These feathers also make a beautiful addition to floral arrangements,  Wedding bouquets, Buttonholes and Home Décor.

  • Size approx 25cm-30cm
  • Priced per 5 feathers

All our feathers are of the highest quality that we can source, please remember “feathers are a natural product imperfections do occur – perfection is near impossible.”